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Indie Comic Throwdown – Kaliburn Vs. The Convictor


Indie Comic Throwdown – Kaliburn Vs. The Convictor

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October’s Indie Comic Throwdown is Kaliburn, Wingless Comics, VERSUS The Convictor, Pharos Creative Studios!

If you missed the introduction post to the Indie Comic Throwdown, you can read it HERE, but the brief recap is every month, we’ll announce a match-up and start the poll. At the end of the month, we’ll announce the results and offer our take on the battle. These Throwdowns are meant to be light-hearted, fun, and a feature to bring the fans together! 

The poll for Kaliburn vs, The Convictor will be open until 10/15/20. It will then be locked and we’ll begin writing the battle based on the poll results!


Kaliburn has the Holy Grail fused to his right arm and can use the power of the holy sword in multiple ways.  His favorite is to form it into the Cross of Coronado and throw it like a boomerang at enemies.  Kaliburn is a demon bounty hunter with a wry sense of wit.  Never at a loss for words in combat (whether winning or losing), he uses his Muy Thai and Taekwando background, coupled with athletic gymnastic prowess to battle his foes.  He is a hero through and through, having inherited the Grail Quest from the Knights of the Round Table.  A favorite phrase of his is, “hunting the darkness is my business and business is good.”

The Convictor

As The Ghostwalker of GUT City, The Convictor is a former Army Ranger in the Special Forces, now trained Ninja Warrior. Born with a “super trait” of Indomitable Will. Putting himself through an ancient supernatural ninja ritual known as the “Shin’nen” in his quest for vengeance, this ritual pushed his already unshakable determination to superhuman levels. Now, he cannot be stopped, armed with a prototype nanite battlesuit, The Convictor will always finish the fight. Carrying a Ninjato sword and Glock 17 pistol, he also carries the traditional ninja weapon The Tekko. A razor-sharp, nearly indestructible weapon that can be used as a fist enhancer or it can be thrown, silent in its flight, it will always return to the Convictors hand.

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