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Heruary Announces 2022 Prompt List


Heruary Announces 2022 Prompt List

Artist Aaron Beatty announced the Heruary 2022 prompt list. Heruary is a prompt list inspired by Inktober featuring Black indie comic characters. “The idea came from doing drawings based on Jake Parker`s Inktober prompt lists. I’ve worked with some of the Inktober prompts over the last few years. I thought they were fun, and the cues were generic but also challenging,” said Beatty during a previous interview with Indie Comix Dispatch.

“I know [it’s] a very, very niche way to honor black folks during a time where the broad specturm of Black people and Black people’s history world-wide are celebrated, and commemorated, but Heruary (HERU/ Egyptian God representing power and perfection + FebUARY) is simply my way of giving Black comic book creators (and by extension Black people) their due.” 

This year’s prompt list features a mix of classic and newer characters. Artists can participate by reviewing the list and posting their drawings of the character prompts with the hashtags #heruary and #heruary2022. Beatty has a list of the creator Unser names on the Official Heruary Instagram page.

Read ICD’s interview with Aaron Beatty HERE. Visit the Heruary Instagram page HERE.

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