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Heavy Metal comic receives Project We Love on Kickstarter


Heavy Metal comic receives Project We Love on Kickstarter

What makes a hero? There’s a question that’s been asked since the dawn of time. But it’s the last 80 years where we’ve really defined the makings of hero. What make a hero could be the superhero of Superman qualities or a Rockstar of Lars Ulrich qualities.

Written by Aaron Sammut and drawn by artist Nicola Izzo, Issue 3 of Maurice and the Metal explores the meeting of the superhero minds and continues the question of “why can’t a metalhead be a superhero?” in this gargantuan supercharged issue of 40+ pages. 

The electrifying trials of a teenage drummer turned unexpected hero continue in issue 3 of Maurice & The Metal – “The Soldier of Metal”. Awakened by a nightmare of epic sacrifice, Maurice realises that he will have to face the music: endless gloomy goth music! The venomous V reveals to his dark army of doom-lovers a depressing plan to impose his will (and music) on the masses as a way to spread the sadness. Unwilling to be a bystander, Maurice is forced to enter a world of near-impossible choices that lead him to something he never saw coming: responsibility. Staring Into the Void, Maurice will ask himself a fateful question: “Do I have to?”


Maurice and the Metal follows the journey of a young metalhead in the mid 80s who unwittingly discovers he has impossible strength whenever he listens to metal. Charged with a HEAVY burden and with nothing but his Walkman, which is possessed by the spirit of a Black Sabbath roadie, Maurice is fighting to keep metal alive. Maurice and the Metal is created by Aaron Sammut, who hails from Brisbane, QLD on the eastern seaboard of Australia.

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