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GlobalComix Partners with Ox Eye Media To Close The Direct Market Sales & Distribution Gap


GlobalComix Partners with Ox Eye Media To Close The Direct Market Sales & Distribution Gap

Welcome to the one true destination for comics. GlobalComix and Ox Eye Media Inc., parent company of Source Point Press, are proud to announce the joint development of GC Press (GlobalComix Press), powered by Ox Eye Media, the first consumer-facing, on-demand printing service for comics worldwide. 

Slated for testing and beta launch in 2023, GC Press will make GlobalComix the very first all-in-one streaming, e-commerce, and printing service for the comics industry.

“The GlobalComix vision has and always will be to give creators all the tools they need to succeed and build their business around,” said Christopher Carter, CEO and Founder of GlobalComix. “With GC Press, we are opening up access to both buying and selling printed comics for tens of thousands of creators worldwide that otherwise would have limited to no options in reaching fans who enjoy and collect print comics.”

Combining GlobalComix’s cutting-edge technology and digital infrastructure with Ox Eye Media’s proven ability to produce high quality comics and games, the companies are working to create an ecosystem that offers more ways to sell and distribute comics, opening access for consumers to discover, purchase, and have products shipped worldwide from the GlobalComix Portal. To tailor the service to audience size, there will also be a co-developed automated print check system to aid custom workflows and high volume production output.

“At the earliest formation of Source Point I think a core value was to be in service to creators,” said Travis McIntire, CEO of Ox Eye Media. “For nearly a decade, growing our business at conventions and events to mass market distribution, we’ve tried to maintain our focus on helping creators get their books into the hands of readers. This partnership with GlobalComix is a natural next step for us.  Being able to help connect new readers with new creators is something that’s great for our hobby and excellent for our industry as a whole”.

For creators and publishers, services such as donations, e-commerce, and subscription revenue models are currently available in the GlobalComix tools suite. The addition of GC Press provides first-ever access to physical sales within a comics native environment for thousands of creators, allowing instant payouts, analytics, and operations management.

Comics readers and collectors will not only have the advantage of accessing comics previously out of stock, but also, they can acquire titles that may not be available in shops; providing a creative and inclusive environment that allows for discovery of many new stories online, with the option to add to any comic available through GC Press to a physical bookshelf, all in one place.

Both of our companies have clear strengths that we’ve proven through years of work, in completely separate areas of the comics value chain,” said Eric Tapper, Head of Business Development for GlobalComix“We realized that by working together, we could unify digital and print and push the industry forward, making it a better deal for both creators and readers.”

Select Source Point Press comics will be the first available for both digital and physical purchase through GlobalComix, with a broader rollout throughout 2023.

GlobalComix and Source Point Press will be in attendance at New York Comic Con 2022 (Oct. 6 – 9) at the Javits Center in New York, NY, booth #2343. For additional press queries regarding GC Pressand GlobalComix, please contact Don’t Hide PR, Melissa Meszaros:

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