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GlobalComix Partners With InterPop


GlobalComix Partners With InterPop

GlobalComix is excited to announce a partnership with InterPop, the Web3-based digital entertainment company, to present readers with the first issues of its Emergents Universe comic series including The Nine, Emergents Presents, #ZoeMG, The Rejects, and The Abyss!

InterPop originally launched the first five comic book series on its platform InterPop Comics this year, creating a brand new superhero universe. Now GlobalComix readers and anyone interested can easily jump into the action and learn about InterPop’s superpowered world, with the first issues of each series now available to read for free.

“Getting to see the Emergents Universe reveal itself over the past year has been nothing short of amazing,” said InterPop President and Publisher, Brian David-Marshall. “Our Executive Editor Rachel Gluckstern has assembled a team of comic book stalwarts and rising stars of the industry to tell superhero stories that embrace technology and give our fans a voice. Now, as we seek to share the fruits of those labors with an even wider audience we are thrilled to be partnering with GlobalComix and showcasing our talent and our heroes for a worldwide audience.”

InterPop exists at the intersection of comics and technology, so naturally we were drawn in from the beginning,” said Eric Tapper, GlobalComix Head of Business Development. “In the comics world they’re creating an exciting new world of comics that already feel classic. In the tech world they’re giving fans both on-ramps to participate in a new kind of ecosystem, and the ability to help define it. We’re thrilled that they’re sharing their #1s for free with GlobalComix readers to help build bridges and achieve the vision of a more connected comics community.”

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