“In the future, mankind lives at the mercy of the Qhungrek. Being farmed for blood in return for food. But one family has had enough.”

Camp VA07 issue 2: A dystopian thriller brought to you by Comichaus. Written by James McCulloch, with art by Jonathan Scott and letters by Rob Jones. Running until September 2nd 2021

, Comichaus launches Camp VA07 issue 2: A dystopian thriller, The Indie Comix Dispatch

All animal life has been wiped out by a disease known as ‘THE RED’. The agricultural industry crumbles under the weight of demand for food. The world needs help. Our saviours come in the form of an alien race, but their help comes at a price. They need our blood. Food in exchange for our blood. It seemed so simple.

The Future: The human race are farmed like cattle for their blood, but one family has had enough.

Follow them as they fight the system which forces their servitude.