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Before Arthur, before Camelot, before Excalibur there was … MERLIN & HECTOR!


Before Arthur, before Camelot, before Excalibur there was … MERLIN & HECTOR!

Red 5 Comics’ newest all-ages fantasy comes to stores this October.

Bronze age England is under attack by magical invaders, shapeshifters who can be anywhere or anyone. With no king and no armies the only hope is a young swineherd who dreams of magic and monsters; a swineherd named MERLIN. Chased by villagers and monsters alike, Merlin’s only hope is a young thief named HECTOR. Can these two outcasts band together long enough to save the land or is a new dark age on its way?

Following in the footsteps of weekly adventure strips like Prince Valiant, Merlin & Hector takes a new look and breathes new life into a classic character.  “There have been a lot of Camelot and Arthur stories over the years but not man that have taken a look at Merlin before he became the wizard we all know.  Rodolofo’s takes breathes new life into a classic character while touching on several of the classic myths of Celtic Britain,” Red 5 co-publisher Joshua Starnes said.  “A fun adventure for all ages, Merlin & Hector will make you look at this character in a new way.”

Merlin & Hector comes from writer Rodolfo Santullo and rising star artist JOK as a special three issue monthly series running from October to December 2021. Look for it wherever Red 5 Comics are sold.

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