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6 Kickstarters From Black Creators To Support


6 Kickstarters From Black Creators To Support

At ICD, we’re always keeping an eye on Kickstarter Campaigns to see what’s coming down the pipeline. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of 6 campaigns from Black creators to check out, and hopefully, support. Ranging from superheroes to sci-fi to supernatural, this list has something for everyone!

WHO’S B.A.D.? #1-2

A henchman thinks he’s made it when he gets the powers of the world’s Apex Superhero! Vengeful Heroes & jealous Villains, disagree.

2100 AD Vol. 1 Graphic Novel

2100 AD is a sci-fi action-adventure series set 80 years into the future that shows the fall of humanity and rise of A.I.  It’s been two years since everyone died.

Black Bishop #1: Superhero Espionage

Black Bishop must infiltrate a secret society. But first she must pass a series of deadly trials.

The Horsemen: Birth of the Spark: PART DEUX

Written and Illustrated by Jiba Molei Anderson, The Horsemen: Birth of the Spark is an 80-page, 8.5″ X 11″ “Treasury-sized” volume, which continues the New Mythology saga with four stories filled with metaphysical intrigue, psychedelic locales, and pure AfroFantastic action!

Armageddon: Axioms Series Arc 1

Armageddon centers on HAWK, a self-centered and vain, but charming protagonist, who was born with extreme abilities. His journey of discovery to understand his origins uncovers much about the past of the near future, his relationship to his powers and those who dangerously crave it.

Kyle Flex : Monster Hunter

Kyle Flex is a headstrong Monster Hunter. Lacking any superpowers, he relies on his weapons to take down monsters. Although Kyle is doing what he can to protect the world, he is often in trouble for what he does, either by the police, who don’t believe in monsters, or by the “Professionals” for fighting monsters illegally. Kyle Flex is a 2021 Glyph Comic Award winner.

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