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Bird’s Eye Comics is excited to announce that the second installment in their BeBop series is finally here. With a new theme and many more creators, this book has something for everyone. The anthology features 16 different stories from 36 different creators with a rolling theme: food, family & memories. These themes help tell a wide range of emotions and experiences all while taking you on journeys through love, loss, adventure, friendship & much more. The BeBop Bao is 132 pages long!

The BeBop: Bao is Bird’s Eye’s second anthology book in the series, and this time the creators have worked with themes of food, family, and memories to create some truly heartwarming, strange, emotional, and action-packed adventures! You’ll be inspired by the stories, touched by the memories, and excited by the culinary creations within these pages. So settle in and get ready for a reading experience that will stick with you long after you’ve finished the last page.

The BeBop #2: Bao consists of 16 stories, ranging from 3 to 13 pages, from 36 creators for a total of 132 pages.

Genres include: Feel Good, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Dark Comedy, Horror, Fable, Slice of Life, Drama, Fantasy, Social Commentary and more.

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