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Team Diamant, LGBTQAI Creators, rank high on GlobalComix

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Team Diamant, LGBTQAI Creators, rank high on GlobalComix

Under the banner of Team Diamant Comics, twin siblings Aubrey and Jordan Diamant have released several comic titles: The Lion of Paris, American Prince, Melting Pot Riot, andCatchpenny Blood Presents, ranking high on GlobalComix’s LGBTQAI and Popular title categories!

Coming out as Transgender in 2010, the indie queer artists have excelled in many creative arenas such as publishing a series of queer horror novels and fine art gallery exhibitions. They are known worldwide for stage costume recreations and original designs and producing graphic novels of from original scripts, as well as adaptations of novels and short stories by Independent authors, Team Diamant aka “Diamant” has been the singular name, rising from the ashes of the stage and video performance/drag duo “NightLife Boys” since 2012.

“I brought my underperforming webcomic over from other webcomic platforms to GlobalComixin April of last year,” said Aubrey Diamant. “It was the best move I could make, the results spoke for themselves. My comic was quickly a top performer in LGBTQAI and Popular title categories due to the ease in which users could find my comic, well defined search categories, email and social media promotions, as well as tips and guidance from the community team. I had my most successful year in comics yet with GlobalComix as my platform.”

“I debuted my queer lit graphic novel Melting Pot Riot on GlobalComix last year during Pride month,” said Jordan Diamant. “Out the gate, the title was so well-received on GlobalComix, and supported, that I decided to make them my exclusive platform for Melting Pot Riot. At GlobalComix, I can take my time with my series without fear of losing subs. The series has been able to go where it needs to at its pace. Plus I was able to use the platform as a portfolio and was hired by a small press publisher for a project. GlobalComix will be the launching point for all future endeavors.”

All throughout Pride Month, GlobalComix will be highlighting both indie and publisher titles to celebrate. Check out all Team Diamant Comics and titles now on the GlobalComix website!

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