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REVIEW: Welcome To Everville #1


REVIEW: Welcome To Everville #1

Written by Aaron Dowen

Art by Matt Sotello

So, I need to be honest. I initially found Catalyst Comics Studio via Tilt, one of their superhero titles. When I saw they were coming out with welcome to Everville, I felt… meh, about it. Many comic studios were trying their hands at horror at the time, and I felt like this was one more book in that category—one more attempt at creating a “Stranger Things” style horror success.

Let me also be honest about this next part… I was wrong. When I finally read Everville, I was greeted by a horror, sci-fi, (and just because it’s Aaron Dowen) quasi-comedy book that I LOVED! It was nothing like what I expected, yet everything I needed (OK, maybe too far, but it was really, really good).



What gets me about Everville’s story is it’s rapid evolution from sci-fi to horror, to post-apocalyptic sci-fi/horror, all while being amusing and intriguing. As I said before, Dowen delivers the story with humor along the way, but this is not a comedy. The story-telling and unique history that unfolds make this series ripe with options for prequels, sequels, and everything in between.

The story revolves around a young man, Abe, and his family and an apparent alien invasion in their small town. The story takes some twists and turns, but it’s masterfully plotted and executed.



Sotello’s art is solid. By his own admission, he’s an evolving comic book artist. But he delivers a consistent, well thought out art style throughout the book that compliments Dowen’s script perfectly!



The dialogue is excellent! I particularly love the exchanges of the Nerverling (the main monster) and Abe’s interior monologues. Abe’s character is well-developed through his interactions with others and his thoughts. You come to know and identify with Abe, in large part, due to Dowen’s dialogue.



Again, I’m going to beat a dead Neverling here… it’s great! The story is laid out perfectly, reads just as Catalyst intended, and hits home. From lettering to layout, this book is well done!



I found no grammatical or spelling errors. The book is well-edited.

In closing, Welcome to Everville was a dark horse for me. I never expected it to be as good as it was! Sure, I read and enjoyed Tilt, but frequently indie creators have trouble delivering on more than one series. Not so at Catalyst. Dowen and Sotello make a great team that is delivering consistent, high-quality stories. Welcome To Everville deserves to be ranked among some of the best creator-owned books you’ll find coming out of Image, Aftershock, and Boom Studios. It’s just that good.

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