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REVIEW: Warcorns: Birthday Bash


REVIEW: Warcorns: Birthday Bash

Book Title: Warcorns: Birthday Bash

Book Description: The Warcorns are a team of commando unicorns. Their job is to help preserve peace throughout the galaxy. They receive a distress signal from Earth.

Nothing seems amiss on initial scans so a small squad is being sent out to investigate. They encounter their most dangerous assignment yet: A CHILD’S BIRTHDAY PARTY.

The party seems innocuous. The children treat the Warcorns as if they’re ponies to be ridden and be bathed in glitter. Then the team discovers a group of children in the basement. That’s when the Warcorns discover that the children at the party aren’t children. They’re Doubloids.

Doubloids are nasty creatures that have the ability to clone other creatures. There’s a short firefight that’s extremely one sided. Teeth and ineffectual little fists don’t stand up in a competition with rifles and pistols.

With the mission accomplished the Warcorns return to their spacecraft and head for home. Once clear of Earth’s atmosphere we see that a creature managed to infect Battle, one of the Warcorns. The creature pops out of Battle like a chestburster in Alien.

Chaos ensues and all communication with the ship is lost as it goes down. As a countermeasure Colonel Slaughter deploys the “Clusterfuck Protocol”. This protocol activates a team of elite specialists who report to the safe house to await further instruction… and another issue in the series.

Book Author: Garrett Gunn

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Source Point Press

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Kit Wallis

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


I first saw this title during my adventures at Rose City Comic-Con. At first glance, the cover artwork of Warcorns: Birthday Bash reminded me of Skottie Young’s I Hate Fairyland. It screams wild, crazy, fun, and anything can happen.

The interior artwork looks a lot more like animation than the stills in panels one would expect from a comic book. It’s nothing short of brilliant with the way it meshes with the story to pour gasoline on the fire that is a good time!

While it’s not the Great American Novel, Warcorns: Birthday Bash is great for some light reading. It has laughs, it has action, it has moments that leave the reader asking, “Did they just say….?”

Yes. Yes, they did. And the world is a funnier place for it.

You can get your copy of this issue as well as the rest of the Warcorns line for bargain prices! The going rate for most issues is $1.99 for a digital copy and $3.99 for a physical copy. I’ve spent more than that on a beverage at the movies. Spoiler alert: the beverage was nowhere near as refreshing!

Get your copy today at:

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