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Writer: Mirka Andolfo and Davide Caci
Artist: Mirka Andolfo, Gabriele Bagnoli, Pedro Perez, Federica Salfo
Localization: Steve Orlando
Letters: Fabio Amelia
Cover: Gabrielle Bagnoli
Editor: Rich Young and Davide Caci
Publisher: Ablaze

I was in the mood for something that would be good for a laugh so I turned to “Un/Sacred” #2. So far everything I’ve read from this title hasn’t disappointed.

Volume one of the series focused on a demon named Damiano and his girlfriend, Angelina. Angelina is an actual angel. Damiano is convinced that with enough patience he and Angelina will have “that magic moment” and then he can hit the road. Angelina refuses to have sex before marriage and puts the demon through blue ball hell before allowing him passage to the promised land after saying, “I do”.

In the second volume, we see the happy couple taking on the role of parents. While raising their daughter, Eden, they are also checking out a villa that Angelina’s father left to her when he passed.

Unfortunately, the villa is in a colossal state of disrepair. It will cost far more than our heroes have to pay for repairs to bring this place back to its former glory.

With that being the case Angelina is desperately hoping that she and Mr. Teresio, the butler of the villa, are able to find a hidden safe somewhere on the property. Even if they do find it, then what?


.75 Stars

In some places, the artwork is a bit cartoonish. It works perfectly for the story. I especially liked Mr. Teresio talking to “Wilson”.


.75 Stars

I like that the creative team could keep some of the magic of a demon that will do almost anything to get laid while adding more of the “real, everyday life stuff” that sometimes gets in the way of magical moments between a husband and wife.

The side story of Michela and Giuda was entertaining as well. I’m curious to see where that’s going.


.75 Stars

The dialogue does a terrific job of letting us see exactly how Damiano feels about the whole situation. I found it hilariously accurate when Eden learned a new word.


.75 Stars

Most of the lettering is spot on. The only that kept me from giving this category full marks is the issue I had with the font in the story about Michela and Giuda. The font size and style was somewhat difficult for me to read.


.75 Star

Somewhere along the way this story evolved from a demon’s version of “American Pie” and became a fun, full-fledged story. You can relate to Damiano’s struggle and feel for Angelina as she learns about her father. Well done!

This series has continued to impress as it marches on issue after issue. I look forward to seeing what comes next for our heroes.

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