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REVIEW: Transformers Halloween Special 2021


REVIEW: Transformers Halloween Special 2021

Book Title: Transformers Halloween Special 2021

Book Description: The Decepticons have liberated the city of Iacon. They have vowed to protect everyone, even the biological beings, that call the planet home. There are rumors of an Autobot encampment that could disrupt everything the Decepticons have worked so hard to achieve.

Megatron’s plan is to loudly and publicly show the biologicals that the Decepticons are there to protect them. He wants Starscream to lead the hunting party on the search for the Autobots. Other Decepticons don’t share Megatron’s confidence in the seeker.

There is a meeting about Starscream leading the hunt. It has nothing to do with ability. The big knock on Starscream is optics and the way he is perceived. His loyalty is fierce; but is it to Cybertron or to Starscream? What happens if things don’t go as expected?

Megatron eventually caves to the argument and decides to send Soundwave. Unbeknownst to him, like most conversations that are meant to be private, Starscream heard everything.

To Starscream’s credit he doesn’t take overhearing everything as badly as he could have. He punches a wall and walks away. Once outside he hears reports of some screaming at the edge of the desert. He decides to go investigate.

Starscream encounters an ape-like creature that has managed to entangle itself in some wires. Trying to be a dutiful Cybertronian, Starscream attempts to free the creature. When he does so his spark goes into the wires and is transferred to the ape.

Inside the ape Starscream realizes he’s not alone. His mentor, Cryak, has her spark trapped in the ape as well. Cryak used to love all biological beings. Being trapped inside one for so many cycles has changed her opinion on the matter. Now she wants to wipe them all out…. And she wants to use Starscream’s body to do it.

What began as a quick reconnaissance mission for Starscream has become the ultimate battle of life and death. If he doesn’t stop Cryak from getting out of the ape’s body first there’s little doubt she’ll kill him when she gets control of his body.

Starscream manages to win the race to his body, leaving Cryak trapped in the ape’s. This is when we see the true test of Starscream’s mettle. Cryak humiliated him. There are no witnesses. Nobody would ever know if he were to kill the ape and take out Cryak’s spark in the process. Is Starscream loyal to Cybertron or is he loyal to himself?

In a surprise move he turns and walks away.

Book Author: Dan Watters

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: IDW Publishing

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Beth McGuire-Smith

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


I wasn’t sure what to expect in the “Halloween” issue from Transformers. A thought provoking piece about one of the more iconic characters in the franchise was not at the top of the list.

To me Starscream has always been a conflicting character. One can easily see the potential for greatness in him. He’s great in a fight and is very savvy, when emotions don’t get the best of him. When emotions get involved he has a penchant for becoming his own worst enemy.

Seeing him struggle, but ultimately keeping his emotions in check through this entire issue was a great change of pace. If it didn’t fly in the face of 35+ years of canon I’d say give him a real shot at ruling over the Decepticons and see what happens.

The original cover for Transformers Halloween Special : 2021 was a nice homage to the cover of issue #70 from the original series. It was very fitting considering the story focuses on having two characters trapped in one body. It didn’t speak to me like the variant cover did though. Once I saw it I knew I had to have it.

The interior artwork is very solid from cover to cover. I really enjoyed the panels when Starscream is listening to the dialogue about whether or not he should be considered for this particular mission.

Even being a huge fan of all things “More Than Meets the Eye” the geek on a budget in me flinched a little at the cover price on this one. At $5.99 it runs slightly higher than the standard fare. When you get into the story you’ll see where your money went though. In my opinion this may be the best Transformers one shot story ever written.

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