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REVIEW: TMNT/Stranger Things #1


REVIEW: TMNT/Stranger Things #1

4.12/5.0 Stars
Rating if the Book Were a Movie: PG-13

Creative Team:

Writer: Cameron Chittock
Artist: Fero Pe
Colors: Sofie Dodgson
Letters: Rus Wooton
Cover: Fero Pe
Editor: Chase Marotz and Jonathan Manning
Publisher: IDW Comics/Dark Horse Comics 


Story: 4.2 Stars
Artwork: 3.7 Stars
Cover Artwork: 4.4 Stars
Dialogue: 4.0 Stars
Mechanics: 4.1 Stars
Editing: 4.3 Stars 

About the Book:

It’s the summer of 1985. After everything that the kids from Hawkins have been through, they’re long overdue for a break. Mr. Clarke has just the thing, a field trip to New York City. While exploring the city the kids make some interesting new friends and encounter an enemy they thought they’d seen the last of.

Reader’s Notes:

I love almost everything from the 80’s. From He-Man to G. I. Joe and everything in between, I can’t get enough. When I heard that we were getting a crossover with a show set in that era and a pop culture powerhouse from the same time I was excited and nervous.

Any time there’s a crossover between two franchises it goes one of two ways. It can be a hit that has a  plausible premise on how the franchises crossed paths and it’s coupled with a great story. It can also feel like the creative team was trying too hard and it just doesn’t feel right.

In the case of TMNT/Stranger Things #1 Chittock and company got most of it right. I loved having a good explanation for why the kids were in New York. The “weird is our kind of thing” felt a little forced. That gets forgotten when we establish that Dr. Brenner and Baxter Stockman had corresponded with each other.

This cover is outstanding. It could be a poster for a video game or movie. Both franchises are prominently featured while establishing the crossover by having the turtles “upside down”. This kind of eye-catching artwork is exactly what you want on the cover of the first issue of a series.

I liked how Pe was able to come close to matching the artistic style of Eastman and Laird on the ninja turtles. When you add the throwback red bandannas it makes this a must read for any fan of the franchise.

There’s plenty to love for the Stranger Things fans as well. The panel of the upside down New York is stunning. Baxter Stockman’s hybrid creations look very formidable.

As a geek on a budget I believe TMNT/Stranger Things #1 a great crossover that gives fans some wonderful new content. We have a compelling story, terrific artwork, and a slew of characters that we know and love!

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