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REVIEW: TMNT Annual – 2022


REVIEW: TMNT Annual – 2022

Book Title: TMNT Annual - 2022

Book Description: In the time that has passed since Master Splinter’s a passing and Leonardo has noticed that he and his brothers are drifting further apart. In an attempt to bring everyone back together, Leo creates a mission. He soon realizes that his goals may have been too lofty for the mission and restoring the damaged relationships.

Book Author: Juni Ba

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: IDW Publishing

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Juni Ba

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


No matter the publisher or the title, annuals are always hit or miss. Some of it is in the nature of the book. What is the best move? Does the publisher do a recap of the previous year with just a smidgen of new content? Do they do something completely unrelated to the story arc that had been taking place? Do they give a brief recap and run with the prologue to the next story arc?

The “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2022 Annual” went with the last option and it worked. I liked how this issue addresses death. We see it happen in various platforms and forms of media. We seldom have a story that tells us the wide range of emotions we may experience in grieving. 

A while ago I had heard Mr. Eastman was going to be more involved with the ongoing series of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. I was very excited to see his work on this cover. It instantly took me back. Eastman’s artistic style gives the Turtles an edge that very few can duplicate.

Going from Eastman’s cover to the interior pages was a bit of a transition. Ba’s storytelling is very good. The artwork in this book did not have the level of detail I had hoped for. 

As a geek on a budget I have a hard time recommending this book with a $7.00 cover price. We get a good story about how to cope with loss but nothing that blows a fan’s hair back. The artwork on the interior pages doesn’t warrant it. To me this is a pass unless you’re a hardcore TMNT fan or you find it in the ding and dent section.

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