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REVIEW: The Surgeon #5


REVIEW: The Surgeon #5

Book Title: The Surgeon #5

Book Description: After the ordeal with the Hot Animal Machines, Dr. Hannover has been captured by First Nations United. Someone with access to medicine was giving narcotics to the Hot Animal Machines in exchange for children from First Nations United. The children were then sold into slavery. Being a doctor makes Jenny a prime suspect. Once she clears her name, Dr. Hanover is freed. The chief, Chuck Long, wants her to treat a member of the tribe.. Jenny has seen her new patient, Little Bird, before. He refused treatment when she tried treating his combat wounds. Now Little Bird is near death. The thing is Little Bird wants to die a warrior’s death. After treatment, Dr. Hanover has stolen that from him. Now Little Bird wants his revenge.

Publisher Logo:



Rating if the Book Were a Movie: R

Creative Team:

Writer: John Pence

Artist: Omar Zaldifar

Colors: Hedwin Zaldifar

Letters: Erek Foster

Cover: Omar Zaldifar/Hedwin Zaldifar

Publisher: Unlikely Heroes Studios 


Story: 4.3 Stars 

Artwork: 4.4 Stars 

Cover Artwork: 3.7 Stars 

Dialogue: 3.7 Stars 

Mechanics: 4.1 Stars 

Editing: 4.0 Stars 

Reader’s Notes:

I love that Mr. Pence isn’t backing down from bringing social issues to the forefront. Slavery is still alive and well, even in “the land of the free”. Be it “working off a debt” for being brought to the United States, a pimp that takes money from prostitutes, or the unspeakable ugliness of what took place on Jeff Epstein’s island, it’s all slavery. We’ve given it a gentler term with more syllables by calling it human trafficking. It doesn’t change what it is. It’s despicable and needs to be stopped.

Help is available if you are in that situation, or know someone who is. You can reach out to the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1(800) 373-7888.

You can also text “HELP” to 233733

The website address is:

Mr. Pence has a penchant for character development. Within a few pages the reader feels as if they’ve known his characters for years. He has a way of making characters personable. We saw this with Little Bird.

I understand Dr. Hanover’s desire to leave Turtle Island. It has bad memories associated with it and the people there aren’t taking their stations seriously enough. The town’s aspiring doctor let Rogers die because he was too busy partying to check on a patient.

I enjoyed watching the relationship between Dr. Hanover and Little Bird develop. In one issue we see almost the entire spectrum of emotions towards one another.

The darkness cover is very befitting. The rain matches Dr. Hanover’s mood. It resonates with just how much Dr. Hanover is done with Turtle Island. 

The artwork on the interior pages is outstanding. The detail on the characters gives them so much life. I found the Nirvana shirt to be a very nice touch.

As a geek on a budget I highly recommend “The Surgeon”. It has it all: a fascinating plot, action, drama, and most importantly, it has the “gotta”. Asian, I’ve gotta see what happens next!

You can get your copy of “The Surgeon” #5 as well as the rest of the series at:

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