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REVIEW: The Recount #1


REVIEW: The Recount #1


Writer: Jonathan Hedrick
Artist: Gabo Elías Ibarra Núñez
Colors: Sunil Ghagre
Letters: Cristian Docolomansky
Cover: Bryan SilverBax and Gabriel Ibarra Nunez
Editor: Andrea Lorenzo Molinari
Publisher: Scout Comics

One of the perks of having a decent relationship with some of the writers and artists in the comic book industry is periodically getting to see some of the new books coming down the pike. 

As soon as I saw Mr. SilverBax’s work on the standard and variant covers I was interested enough to have it added to my pulls. Because of a delay with the printers the books hit the shelves a week or two later than originally anticipated. Fortunately for all concerned patience is one of my greatest virtues.

The first issue of “The Recount” gets to the reader instantly. President Anthony Christensen is addressing an angry mob at a press conference. The President is taking ownership of something he should never have been involved in. Rather than wasting time and the taxpayer’s money on an impeachment hearing President Christensen is resigning.

Before we can learn what the President has gotten himself into he is shot through the head by a Secret Service agent. Another agent instantly shoots and kills the assassin.

There are so many questions! What was President Christensen involved in? Was this a rogue agent? Was this the beginning of a coup? 

Questioning the second Secret Service agent brings light to some of the questions. We see that the agents have been comprised and may not have our nation’s best interests at heart.

In a secret location Vice President Meredith McDearmon has been sworn in as the new president. She’s trying to address the nation when her video feed is hacked.

We see a terrorist telling the nation that the killed the president for being corrupt. He’s been punished for his sins. Now everyone else must be. The lobbyists and bureaucrats that gained from his decisions. The other politicians, the president’s cabinet. The rich that financed the campaign. Last but certainly not least, everyone who voted for him. 

They know how every person in the country voted. Now they’re securing their RECOUNT. This is for the masses.


.75 Star

From cover to cover the artwork is incredible. It’s not quite as precise and focused as I’d like. Considering we have a couple a graphic panels as it is leaving something to the imagination is not necessarily a bad thing. 


1 Star 

This story is a mashup of V For Vendetta, The Purge, and 24: The Series. It’s original, fresh, and, with the right hackers and political zealots, very plausible. I loved seeing how deeply everything has been infiltrated.


1 Star 

The majority of the dialogue served as a narrative. It’s a bit different from a traditional format; but it works. I found the terrorists’ broadcast to be rather insightful.


.75 Stars 

The lettering is terrific all the way through this book. An occasional caption to give the reader a touch more information about the setting would be a nice touch.


1 Star 

This one pulls the reader in almost instantly. From that point it’s almost like reading a thriller. We are trying to figure out who’s responsible and what the basis for all of this is. Could it be as simple as some people want to watch the world burn? Time will tell.

Mr. Hedrick and company have caught lightning in a bottle with “The Recount” #1. It has immense potential for greatness. I want to see if it’s a flash in the pan or if the creative team needs to start working on acceptance speeches for the Eisners.

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