Creator/Writer: Dustin Brunell

Interior Art/Cover Art: Eric Viola

Letterer/Cover Art: Kyle Willis

Character Design/Cover Art: David Ocampa

Cover Artists: Gabriella Ramos, Malissa Pope, Adam Fields, Mike DeBalfo, Gwenaëlle Daligault

, REVIEW: The Listener, The Indie Comix Dispatch

The Listener is a mix of real/supernatural horror. Adi is a veteran during WW2 who inherits the ability to see and interact with the dead as well as other supernatural entities. Whether it’s dealing with the real horror of 1940’s racism or a Chupacabra stealing children from a local village, The Listener is sure to get involved. Adi is loosely based on Brunell’s Uncle, who was one of the first Native American Green Berets.

Creator, Dustin Brunell, says “My goal is to bring a group of people to light and to tell stories that voluntarily may have been pushed under the rug. I invite you all to read about the horror a man faced, peppered with things that have plagued my own nightmares.”

The Listener is a fantastic and complex read. There are layers here that I wish I had more time to read and re-read. Brunell’s storytelling is fantastic, however there are some mechanics issues with the word bubbles. I would have preferred some different colors or styles to help me decipher the bubbles a bit better. 

Beyond small technical things, this is a great story with fantastic art! Brunell succeeds in bringing light to a group of people and stories that are far too often overlooked. Book 1 ends nicely with a nod to the supernatural aspect of The Listener. I recommend The Listener, and I recommend you take time to read it more than once to let it all soak in.

, REVIEW: The Listener, The Indie Comix Dispatch



A much needed glimpse into native Americans stories and history.



The Listener offers a unique art style that compliments the story superbly.



A little confusing at times, but mostly due to the mechanics of the word bubbles.



Again, see above. A little more thought in bubble placement and technique would have made this a much easier read.



Well edited, no issues.