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Review: The Leaders of the Free World


Review: The Leaders of the Free World

The world is in Chaos!!!! We are being attacked by monsters and aliens from outer space.  They are trying to take over the Earth, and bringing the world to its final Demised!!!! Who is going to save the earth? This is when we summon some of the greatest leaders of the world. 

You probably wonder what is going on and what am I on. I am on this new comic by Lakel “Task” Pruitt with art by Elijah Isaiah Johnson called “The Leaders of The Free World!” 

In a new world, with advanced technology, this comic, I believe, could be showing us the future.  We already see the world advancing around us each day; this is just confirmation.  As you continue to read the book further you will see that all the characters have special abilities to defend the world, at any cost. Especially with the main character Cong, who has something that we all can relate too.  Cong was chosen at birth to hold the mantle of the Sun Wukong “The Monkey King”, he inherited ancient Powers and is a master at fighting. Normally the descendants are of Chinese Descent, but Cong was not. 

In Issue #1, The Godsends had rules set in place that the Archetypes could not operate outside of their native lands to bring peace among them. If he or she were to leave their designated land, he or she will be arrested and punished. Well, all rules were pushed aside when the world was being invaded by aliens and monsters. 

The fight continues to Issue # 2 when Dr. Senance the Anti-Villain works alongside the team to stop the attack, but it is for his own benefit – so that no one can take over the world but himself.

The Leaders of the Free World is an awesome read. The artwork in both issues 1 and 2 cannot be duplicated nor recycled, the colors flow with the lettering on each page giving us a vivid idea of the story that is being told. Pruitt, Johnson, Hughes, and Raciot are a team that cannot be compared and I cannot wait to see what this team will do in the next issue. 

This book gives us enlightenment, with a little Sci-Fi, some comedy, and real-world issues. I love how the writer taps into each of the characters’ emotions and makes them human just like us. They feel how we feel, connect with loved ones, and create relationships and bonds that cannot be broken. This book shows us our future heroes, they may not have a cape, a shield, or the best gadgets; however, we know that they are here to protect a world, to keep us safe, and continue to live on in peace and harmony. 

The Leaders of the Free World can be found on comiXology.

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