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REVIEW: The Adventures of Punk and Rock


REVIEW: The Adventures of Punk and Rock

Writer/Creator: Austin Allen Hamblin

Artist: Scott Twells

The Adventures of Punk and Rock is a comedy series about two screw-up bounty hunters from space and their poor narrator. Historically, I have not been a fan of comedy comics. They just never sit right for me, but I’m also not a huge fan of comedy sitcoms. I want some meat on the bones of the media I consume. So, I started punk and Rock with a bit of a bias, but I tried to have an open mind.

I’m glad I have Punk and Rock a chance because after reading all six issues, I love it! It has just the right mix of absurdity, sarcasm, and wit to keep me engaged and laughing. 

Each issue is a self-contained story, so you can pick up the series with any book and jump right in. The best feature of Hamblin’s writing is the inclusion of the narrator as a character. The narrator interacts with Punk and Rock and the audience in a hilarious fashion that kept me returning for six issues. (Also, Hamblin and Twells themselves make a fun guest appearance in an issue). There’s no real plot to analyze, but each issue presents a new, unique, and absurd story. Don’t look too deep for meaning or plot devices with this series; that’s not the point of these books.

Twells art is excellent and had an almost manga style to it. I wasn’t expecting great art from a comedy series, so Twells style and execution was another welcome surprise that kept the series engaging. The art is black and white, except for 1 issue. There are times when the lettering is hard to read among the black and white illustrations, at least for me. I think a little larger lettering or perhaps better placement could have helped this. 

There are a few editing issues, but nothing that distracts from the overall hilarity of the series. It’s an overall well-executed comedy series! I know comedy can be subjective, so maybe you won’t find it as funny as I did, but I have a feeling Hamblin and I would get along great at a party and laugh at the same jokes.

About The Adventures of Punk and Rock:

The Adventures of Punk and Rock follows the two title characters (Punk and Rock), two screw up space bounty hunters and a third main character the narrator. The Narrator not only narrates the comic, but he interacts with the reader, Punk, Rock, and only narrates the comic because he needs to pay alimony to his ex-wife. Each issue is a self-contained story.

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