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REVIEW: Tales of Mother F. Goose


REVIEW: Tales of Mother F. Goose

Book Title: Tales of Mother F. Goose

Book Description: “Tales of Mother F. Goose” gives us a fresh take on some classic children’s stories. Many characters we know and love from our youth are all together in one story. There are some notable differences. All of the characters are human and many of them have connections with the mob.

Our story begins with two detectives, Jack Horner and Muffet, at a crime scene. They are investigating the murder of a confidential informant named Georgie P. Now, Jack and Muffet have no doubt that this was a mob hit. The questions come down to which don and who did the deed?

Fortunately for their case, Jack isn’t the most ethical detective we’ve ever met. He has already whittled down the list of suspects to three individuals: Boots, Frankkie Lupo, and the person that claims to have found the body at the crime scene.

We then get to see their stories. We learn how Boots helped his boss get connected with the biggest don in town, Don Orca. We see Lupo became the wolf that barbecued the Three Pigs. Finally we see the tale of some of the best hitmen ever: The Three Blind Mice.

Just when we think we’ve seen it all we learn that Miss Muffet has a story of her own.

Book Author: Frank Tieri

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: AfterShock Comics

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Joe Eisma

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


This one popped up on my radar quite some time ago when I saw a post about it on social media. I instantly asked the good people at my local comic book store to preorder a copy for me. I love stories that take characters we already know and give them a spin.

Mr. Tieri puts quite a spin into those characters in “Tales of Mother F. Goose”. It reminded me of “Reservoir Dogs”. You can make a valid argument why all three suspects are capable of the crime and have enough motive to kill poor Georgie Porgie.

I liked how the cover is an homage to “Scarface”. I didn’t understand how proper it was until I read the story. Once I saw that the story focuses on the mob I can’t picture many homages that work better.

I liked how detailed the interior artwork was. Mr. Eisma managed to walk that fine line depicting the violence that took place without being too gruesome. That’s not an easy task.

The $6.99 cover price might give you sticker shock. Keep these things in mind. First, this book is 44 pages long. Most comics tend to run between 20-25 pages long. Secondly, you’re getting a magazine-sized book. This is the epitome of what we should be getting when a book has the words GIANT DOUBLE-SIZED in bold print on the cover. Last but not least, “Tales of Mother F. Goose” is a one-shot. You won’t be constantly tapping into your wallet for the next installment.

Combined with all of those factors, this geek on a budget believes that this is a must-read book!

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