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REVIEW: Tales from the Cave


REVIEW: Tales from the Cave

4.23/5.0 Stars
Rating if the Book Were a Movie: PG-13

Creative Team 

Writer: Keith Frady, Rachel Pinnelas, and David Hazan
Artist: Riccardo Cecchi, Marco Tortella, and Shane Connery Volk
Colors: Marco Pelandra, Marcello Iozzoli, and Luca Romano
Letters: Renato Quiroga, Andriy Lukin, and Justin Birch
Cover: Shane Connery Volk and Luca Romano
Editor: Chas Pangburn
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios


Story: 4.3 Stars
Interior Artwork: 4.4 Stars
Cover Artwork: 4.4 Stars
Dialogue: 4.3 Stars
Mechanics: 4.0 Stars
Editing: 4.0 Stars

About the Book:

Mad Cave Studios put out this collection of stories from three of their popular titles.

The first story is from the book “Battlecats”. In this story we find three characters all with different backgrounds searching for the Gardens of Solitude and trying to determine if their worthiness is enough to allow them entrance into the sacred grounds. The second story is from the book “Hunt.Kill.Repeat.”. With the Greek gods real, a meeting with the poplace turns violent when a group of protesters attempt a coup and attack. The third and final story is from Nottingham. “The Witch on Winter Hill”. When a healer treats four people, but also predicts their untimely demise, the townsfolk call her a witch and blame her for the deaths.

Reviewer’s Notes:

This collection of stories came out for the 2023 halloween season.  One thing that can be a tradition for some is ghost stories, and while only the story from Nottingham is the only one to hint at coming close to that genre, the collection is great nonetheless.

This book is a brilliant way to introduce the reader to three great titles that Mad Cave offers. A little something for everyone as it were, while I have not read much of any of the titles involved. All are wonderfully done and are sure to make any one a fan with one of the titles by themselves, or of the publisher as a whole.

Since each story is self-contained, it offers just enough into the world of the respective title to make the reader want more from said title. Drawing them into the world and enticing the reader to want more.

Because this book was for the 2023 halloween season, I think that the cover is brilliant as it adds to the spookiness of the season, and even to the spookiness of the Nottingham story.  Drawing my attention instantly during this time of year. The detail that went into the cover is so well done that it could be a framed poster. But also adding to the interest of the stories contained.

The interior artwork from the three titles is impeccable. Each done in the style fitting their respective books. Done in a way that as one book ends and the next one starts, it does not feel like a harsh change, more like the next chapter.  From the colors used to the drawing of the characters the reader is completely immersed into that world and feels what the characters are feeling with visual brilliance.

This story may be just a seasonal sample of the offerings from Mad Cave Studios, but I think each sample leads the reader into a unique world and offers the promise of more. It’s a brilliant way to showcase part of what they have and is a worthy book for any person who likes the titles.

As your curator of the Historical Documents of the Imagination I hope you enjoyed your visit! If you enjoyed my review of this story please support the creators of this story!

May the historical documents of the imagination always inspire! Thanks for reading!

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