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REVIEW: Super Scouts 1-3


REVIEW: Super Scouts 1-3

Super Scouts is Galaxy Quest meets Power Rangers. Ryan Little brings us the tale of actors, Twenty years past their prime, given a chance to claim real cosmic power!

Have you ever wished that you had a second chance? An opportunity to speak to your old self and remind you of who you are and what you can still achieve?

Some of us wish we had this opportunity that the Super Scouts have. Not only do they get to spar with themselves, but they also get to understand their purpose and why they were chosen for the Super Scouts.  

Even though each one has taken different paths, it takes their Leader, Mr. Hiroshima, to bring them back together to continue with their legacy. Their Sensei brings them back to where they started, and they even got a glimpse of the suits that they had no idea existed. He reminds them of their powers by having them put on the suits and going on an adventure.  In this adventure, each scout gets a better understanding of who they are and what they were put here to accomplish.

After going through rigorous challenges, the Super Scouts face their Ultimate challenge – Lord Darkness. 

This book is very encouraging. In times like this, we were all allowed to reevaluate ourselves during the Quarantine. I know I did.  We received an opportunity to fight some demons and get back to understanding who we are and what we are here for.  So, in other words, we all did have the same opportunity the Super Scouts had; we were just in a pandemic.

Super Scouts is a good read I would suggest to add to your Indie comic list and part of your comic collection. The art, story, dialogue, and editing are excellent. The plot is a unique take on the classic superhero tale. Bruno Oliveira’s art is fantastic and adds to each issue with its bold primary colors. This is one of the rare indie comics with an editor listed, and the final product shows it! The dialogue is crisp, and no editing issues are lingering in the pages. Issue 3 of Super Scouts is currently on Kickstarter; you can support it and grab the full series at the link below.

Super Scouts Kickstarter –

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