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REVIEW: Star Bastard/Loggerhead #1


REVIEW: Star Bastard/Loggerhead #1

Rating if the Book Were a Movie: PG-13/R

Writer: Andrew Clemson
Artists: Brian Dawson and Bryan SilverBax 
Colors: Bryan SilverBax 
Letters: Rob Jones
Cover: Bryan SilverBax
Cover Flats: Sheryl Anikka Rodriguez 
Editor: Andrea Lorenzo Molinari
Publisher: Scout Comics 

I’m starting to make some headway on my stack of books that I’ve been meaning to get to. At this point I’m down to about a short box away from being caught up. “Star Bastard/ Loggerhead” was one of the books from that stack.

When I saw it at Monkey Biz in December I recognized Loggerhead from an earlier book Scout Comics had put out. While it wasn’t on my pull list I was eager to check it out.

“Star Bastard/Loggerhead” is set in the future. It begins with one of the antiheroes of our story, Greeves, having payment for a job go sideways. That sort of thing happens when you mess around with the wife of the guy that hired you. Greeves ends up trying to hijack a ship. That ends with disappointment.

When we next see Greeves Loggerhead is with him. They’re about to go into a gladiator arena against the “Murder Mountain” unarmed. From there we get a short lived, but thrilling fight which leaves our champions racing for their freedom.

Artwork: .75 Stars 

The artwork in “Star Bastard/Loggerhead” is very well done. Some panels are more detailed than others. None of it affects the story though. I really liked the panels with Murder Mountain.

Story: .5 Stars 

While it’s a fun and entertaining read, the plot with this story is a touch thin in places. To me it reads like an action movie. We get a little bit of dialogue. Then some action. Keep repeating until the conclusion of the story. 

Dialogue: 1 Star 

The dialogue between the scenes gives the reader all the information they need. There’s little question about why the mob boss was upset with Greeves. Loggerhead’s dialogue throughout much of the story was very entertaining.

Editing: .75 Stars 

The lettering was terrific from cover to cover. The only complaint I have with regards to the editing is that it would have been nice to see editor’s notes telling us what year it was and what planet we were on. It doesn’t affect the story though.

Mechanics: 1 Star 

“Star Bastard/Loggerhead” is a very fast paced book. I fell into it immediately and found myself laughing quite a bit along the way. Most of it reminds me of the time at the arena in Thor: Ragnarok, only funnier. 

At the end of the day this book is a fun, light read. It’s not the “Great American Novel”. It didn’t have to be. With a $3.99 cover price this book is well worth the price of admission.

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