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REVIEW: Sgt. Werewolf


REVIEW: Sgt. Werewolf

Book Title: Sgt. Werewolf

Book Description: It’s 1942. World War II is at its peak. Stemming from his fascination with the occult, Hitler has one of his scientists creating an army of golems empowered by Norse runes in Lichtenstein Castle. The U.S. Army has sent Sgt. Steve Hovatter and four troops on a reconnaissance mission to see what the Germans are doing in the castle. When the squad is captured the unthinkable happens, sparking a series of astonishing events.

Publisher Logo:



Rating if the Book Were a Movie: R

Creative Team:

Writer: Rich Woodall

Artist: Rich Woodall

Letters: Rich Woodall 

Cover: Rich Woodall 

Editor: Matt Talbot

Publisher: Black Caravan/Scout Comics 


Story: 3.2 Stars 

Artwork: 3.5 Stars 

Cover Artwork: 3.3 Stars 

Dialogue: 3.4 Stars 

Mechanics: 3.6 Stars 

Editing: 3.4 Stars 

Reader’s Notes:

“Sgt. Werewolf” didn’t make it on my radar until I saw it on the shelves at my local comic book store. The cover looked intriguing so I picked it up to go on a curiosity voyage.

The story has a very unique premise. One part briefly reminded me of the first “Hellboy” movie. The story quickly diverged from that path though. I enjoyed the appearance of a character that we’re already familiar with from other stories over the years.

As a fan of historical fiction I thought that the WWII setting was a nice touch. The writing and artwork did a sensational job of pulling the reader into that era. It made me think of some of the old war movies my grandfather used to love watching.

As a geek on a budget I believe “Sgt. Werewolf” is worth taking a look at if you’re in the mood for something new and different. It has solid artwork, a good premise, and a few good laughs along the way.

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