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REVIEW: Sam’s Scams #1


REVIEW: Sam’s Scams #1


Written and Created By Andrew Birkett

Sam’s Scams is the first full-length comic from creator Andrew Birkett of Atheris Entertainment. Sam is a member of the alien race called the Logards, and he has been sent to Earth on a very important mission. According to Sam’s handy mission checklist, he must:

  • Trick the Humans
  • Steal their money
  • Leave them miserable

The story begins with Sam getting ready to undertake the biggest scam of his time on Earth, but before we find out what Sam’s Scam is to be, we flashback to learn how Sam got started down his path toward his final mission. The remainder of the story is a look back at Sam’s first mission and search for a partner.

Sam’s Scams is not your typical book, but it is a welcome break to your usual superhero comic. Sam is definitely no hero, but with the number of times he says “fuck”, he might be my hero! Sam’s ultimate mission, if there is one, is unclear, but nevertheless, we follow Sam on his misguided attempt to recruit a partner.

Sam’s Scams is an NSFW comedy comic; although, I doubt many jobs want you reading comics while you’re getting paid. Like Austin Allen Hamblin’s The Adventures of Punk and Rock, this comedy comic strikes a chord with me. Maybe it’s the number of F-words in it? Birkett’s writing is hilarious, and a refreshing voice in the indie comics scene. It’s nice to see someone boldly go into absurd fuckery as Birkett does! 

Sam’s Scams art is perfect for the type of book it is. Sam’s character design particular lends to the absurdity of it all. I’m unclear if Logan’s are biological, mechanical, or a pile of dirty laundry. Sam’s skin suits add a note of potential horror, but when they’re folded so nicely into a suitcase, you are somehow once again eased into laughter.

The full mechanics and story arc of Sam’s Scams are yet to be seen, but this opening issue is funny enough to make me come back for a second issue.

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