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REVIEW: Sacrifice #1


REVIEW: Sacrifice #1

Book Title: Sacrifice #1

Book Description: A man named Damien had his soul tied to the devil when he was an infant. Damien’s death will mean Lucifer will be summoned to our world, bringing on an age of demons. While looking for a way to prevent this, he uses his demonic powers to fight demons and other dark forces.

Book Author: Laurent Valles Jr

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: UJ Chen

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


Sacrifice #1 by Laurent Valles Jr and Uj Chen starts slow but builds to an exciting tale. It lays the foundation of what’s to come and makes you want more by the end of the first issue. The art is functional, and the story is uneven, but it keeps getting stronger and stronger and ends in a way that gives me high hopes for the next issue.

The story by Laurent Valles Jr in the beginning is predictable. He covers a lot of ground, and it is not always a smooth ride. We know the overall premise by the end of the issue, and there are still a few surprises. The story continually raises the stake and ends in an unexpected way. Trying to fit all the backstory into the pages made it a little clunky. But once the narrative finds its stride, it becomes very compelling.

The illustrations by Uj Chen work. They don’t take away from the story, but they don’t propel it either. It looks like Uj took a straightforward approach. He did a good job with character proportions, and the facial expressions match the action in the panels.

Dialogue comes out smooth and realistic from the characters. Some of it is predictable, but it is always believable. The latter half of the issue helps draw you into the story.

Sacrifice # 1 ends in a way that makes you want more. It starts out slow, but as it builds, it opens a compelling story that I’m interested in finding how it plays out.

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