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REVIEW: Robyn Hood: Baba Yaga


REVIEW: Robyn Hood: Baba Yaga

3.65/5.0 Stars 

Rating if the Book Were a Movie: PG-13

Creative Team:

  • Writer: Joe Brusha 
  • Artist: Renato Rei
  • Colors: Juan Manuel Rodriguez
  • Letters: Taylor Esposito
  • Cover: Igor Vitorino
  • Editor: David Wohl
  • Publisher: Zenescope


  • Story: 3.5 Stars 
  • Artwork: 3.7 Stars 
  • Cover Artwork: 4.1 Stars 
  • Dialogue: 3.4 Stars 
  • Mechanics: 3.8 Stars 
  • Editing: 3.6 Stars 

About the Book:

The New York Museum of Natural History has a new exhibit. Some artifacts bearing Cthulhu were rescued from the depths of the South Pacific. Archeologists believe that they’re from a sunken city. One item, a dagger, has caught the attention of the witch, Baba Yaga, and she’s willing to go to any lengths to obtain it.

Reader’s Notes:

Over the years I’ve periodically read issues from “Robyn Hood” titles. While not a subject matter expert, I know she’s part of the Grimm Universe, which takes characters from fairy tales and makes them into female (if they weren’t already) bad asses. 

Robyn Hood is intelligent (although she doesn’t always think things through), she’s good in a fight, and mentally she’s as tough as nails. I’m thrilled that we have a universe dedicated to strong female characters like this. 

Anyone that complains about how much skin she has showing needs to Wonder how much a Woman in the DC Universe has on by comparison. While Zenescope covers are somewhat suggestive, this is not a thinly veiled “special romance novel”. 

I liked how this cover was done. The Nightgaunt is very menacing. As it should be. This is a creature that doesn’t seem to have a weakness that will actually kill it.

The artwork on the interior pages is everything you can want in an action comic book. I enjoyed how the work was done from so many different angles. There’s no wasted space in a panel. I especially liked Baba Yaga on the ferris wheel.

“Robyn Hood: Baba Yaga” is a one shot that gives the reader the benefit of not having to know everything about the universe prior to reading. It gives you any vital information needed to appreciate the story as it moves along. Coupling this with great artwork makes this geek on a budget say that this one is a must read.

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