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REVIEW: Quicksand #2


REVIEW: Quicksand #2

3.73/5.0 Stars
Rating if the Book Were a Movie: R

Creative Team:

Writer: Jonathan Hedrick
Artist: Debora Lancianese
Colors: Sunil Ghagre
Letters: Cristian Docolomansky
Cover: Debora Lancianese
Editor: Peter Riesett and Andrea Lorenzo Molinari
Production: Sean Callahan
Publisher: Scout Comics 


Story: 3.8 Stars
Artwork: 3.7 Stars
Cover Artwork: 3.9 Stars
Dialogue: 3.7 Stars
Mechanics: 3.8 Stars
Editing: 3.6 Stars 

About the Book:

Just over a year ago creatures came to the earth’s surface in Egypt and wreaked havoc. In response humanity sent a team called Canary One below the surface to investigate. They were never heard from again. Stephanie Noon’s husband was part of that team. Now she’s in charge of the excavation site. They have upgraded technology and a fully stocked armory; but nothing can prepare them for what the creatures bring with them upon their return.

Reader’s Notes:

There is a lot to digest the sophomore installment of Quicksand. We have the emotion of Noon’s husband leaving, the attack of the creatures, the return of a member of Canary one, and the phone call all packed into 32 pages. The tempo throws the reader back in their seat as they quickly turn the pages to see what happens next.

I feel for Stephanie Noon. She goes through the entire gamut of emotions in this issue. She has anger and hurt from losing her husband, fear from fighting for her life, jealousy from the surviving crew member not being her husband, and guilt for feeling that way about it. I haven’t seen a character put through so much emotional turmoil since Dan Slott was writing Amazing Spider-Man.

The action on this cover creates intrigue. I know this to be true because three different people at the office for my 9-5 (that are not comic book fans) stopped to ask me about this book. When that happens you know you have something special.

It’s a pity that my coworkers don’t get a chance to check out the artwork on the interior pages. That’s where the magic happens. The artwork does a wonderful job of meshing with the story and immersing the reader in everything that is happening. I loved seeing the Jeep versus the creature.

Quicksand reads a lot like an action movie. It’s easy to fall into. It’s fast paced. You don’t have to know the last 30 years of a character’s history to be able to appreciate it. These factors make this geek on a budget say that this series is a must read.

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