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REVIEW: Moths #5


REVIEW: Moths #5

Book Title: Moths #5

Book Description: Did you know that nearly 525,000 murders occur every year? When you do the math to break it down it comes out to just under 1440 a day…. Or one a minute. Numbers don’t lie. You can see how the world needs more empathy. But what good is having a power like empathy? This is the focus of Moths #5.

Emily does a live nationally televised interview with a major news network that won’t broadcast “fake news”. Unfortunately for Emily, the anchor has an agenda. Prior to the interview the anchor was instructed to find a way to make Emily look like a fraud. She does so by twisting Emily’s words to the point that it reflects the polar opposite of Emily’s message.

In response to this Emily decides to do one final performance. She’s going to show people what empathy can really do to make the world a better place. Emily is going to do this at Dodger Stadium. She’s never tried reaching out to this many people at once; but with only a month left to live Emily wants to make as much of a difference as she can.

When the news network catches wind of what Emily has planned, the anchor gets an idea. She is going to plant people in the audience that pretend to be feeling emotions that have no relevance in what Emily is conveying. When this happens the world will see Emily as a carnival show or a “psychic” that is good at reading people.

During the performance the anchor’s people do their thing. Emily sees what they are doing for what it is and loses her cool. Her particular fashion of losing her cool isn’t what one would expect. Emily is angry. Her anger manifests itself in the form of her power going into overdrive. Not only does it reach out to everyone in Dodger Stadium. It reaches out and affects the entire world. For six whole hours there is nothing but peace on earth. Then the world returns to business as usual.

In a follow up broadcast the anchor depicts Emily as a villain. Emily has given us this glimpse of how things could be. Then she took it all away. The concept of simply trying to be a good person is lost on some. When Emily sees the broadcast she shrugs it off. She has a month to live. She can spend it fighting to create a change in people that refuse to, or she can make the most of these last precious days.

Book Author: J. Michael Straczynski

Publisher - Orgnization: AWA Studios/ Upshot Studios

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Mike Choi

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


Moths #5 is an incredible think piece on human nature. I truly had hoped that the tv anchor would have an awakening akin to Scrooge on Christmas morning. While that may not have happened it was a masterful way to show how in spite of themselves some people can’t change.


Why do some individuals work so hard to bring down someone that is trying to do good? For tv ratings? To sell more tabloids? Are they jealous they don’t seem to have the ability to be the change that they want to see? These are questions that only those individuals will ever be able to answer. In the meantime, I have a simple solution for everyone. Go with a baseline of trying to be kind to one another and go from there.

I can’t say enough good things about this cover. It’s intriguing. It jumps off the shelf at you. It does everything a cover should do. Best of all, it’s not comic book click bait. I love that it’s relevant to the story!

Moths #5 is not a nonstop action story. There aren’t a lot of explosions. There isn’t a lot of gratuitous sex and foul language. In fact, the issue comes pretty close to the other end of the spectrum in all of these categories. That’s part of why this geek on a budget loves this series so much. This title is all about promoting love, kindness, and trying to give us a snapshot of what it would be like if we all just showed a little bit of empathy. This book is a must read for taking your first steps into a kinder, gentler world.

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