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REVIEW: Mara Chapter 1


REVIEW: Mara Chapter 1

Book Title: MARA CHAPTER 1

Book Description: Mara Chapter 1 tells the story of the day that Mara’s village’s peace was extinguished by a group of pillagers, and how the merciless chaos they bring ripples not only in the village of Mara’s family but also in realms beyond.

Chapter 1 begins with Mara and her father returning from a hunting trip, stopping to honor an idol of the spirit, Amarq by leaving a portion of the day’s catch at its feet. Once they make it home, dinner is interrupted by a band of raiders led by a soulless titan that destroys the village, seemingly killing everyone then leaves, unknowingly leaving the devastated child, Mara, as the sole survivor of her village. Meanwhile, in the spirit realm a choice is made that will change everything- Everywhere.

Book Author: Dylan Goss

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Rosi Woo

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


This book was a solid read, the pacing was quick, but in a very good way. The team of Goss and Woo established the faith of the main character, introduced us to her family, and gave us an enemy-all in the first chapter, without making it feel rushed, or convoluted. The writing, overall flows really well, the dialogue says just enough, without a lot of extra words. Visually, this book is a gem. The colors are pleasantly soft, and the characters’ faces are expressive and alive. This was a very easy book to get into, and by the time i got to the end, I looked at what page I was on, because I thought it was a 10 page book. But alas, it was just me, being greedy. This book did the thing we all want to do as storytellers-it left me wanting more. Usually for me I enjoy reading/watching fantasy stories after the action has picked up, then I feel a little more invested to go back and read the early chapters, because by then I’m more invested in the story- Mara, however, made me happy to start at the beginning, and I can’t wait to check out chapter 2. 

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