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REVIEW: Lost Dominion (chapters 1-6)


REVIEW: Lost Dominion (chapters 1-6)

Book Title: Lost Dominion (chapters 1-6)

Book Description: Lost Dominion is a story that takes place in a fictional scifi galaxy akin to what you would find in a Star Wars or Guardians of the Galaxy story. It follows several characters that are on their own journey but end up intertwined with the main plot, which seems to center around an escaped prisoner that has a mysterious past and a vital role to play in the future. It has space battles, gun fights, aliens and robots. All along with a cloaked figure that seems to be watching and/or manipulating events from a distance.

Book Author: Adam Mullen

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Lumo Station LLC

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Mike Lambardo/ Marcelo Millicay

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


Lost Dominion is an ambitious project to be sure. The creators are attempting to make a vast scifi galaxy that definitely is influenced by Star Wars and other big scifi franchises, they even say so in some of the author’s notes. The author states that he thought of all of the stories that influenced him and you can see that come through in the story.
Chapter one starts off by jumping right into the action which is nice but leaves the reader feeling lost as to what’s going on. It kinda felt like I was jumping into a series in the middle as opposed to the beginning. The further along you get the more things start to make sense. There are multiple storylines going on at once that eventually meld together. A prisoner who hears a strange telepathic voice, escaping from a ship while being attacked by a bounty hunter. A group of space rogues is attacked by someone from their past and has to escape. A mysterious woman waits for a meeting on a spaceport. Eventually, these characters meet and events force them together, although it does seem like they are far too quick to be willing to join together. The story seems to be centered around the escaped prisoner Z-IV who they eventually nickname Ziv. He appears to have some type of latent supernatural abilities and is being sought after by forces that wish to use him as a weapon.
The story has space battles, gunfights, chases, aliens and robots. Pretty much everything you would want from a scifi comic. The space battles were a bit stale though and felt like nothing was moving. The art is not particularly impressive, the characters and some backgrounds are very simply drawn. The spaceships and some other backgrounds are much more detailed though. The ships look very good. The cover art is a bit better than the interior art. At one point in the story the panels devolve into a few rectangles drawn on a colored background ( toward the end of the chapters).
Overall the story is cool but doesn’t make much sense until you’re through the six chapters. The scope of having an entire fictional galaxy is ambitious but you don’t see any especially unique locales. The interior was unimpressive but filled with action. I would say that it was pretty average. If you like sci-fi and are not a stickler for detailed art then I would say that this could be an interesting read.
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