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REVIEW: Kaiju Score #2


REVIEW: Kaiju Score #2

Writer: James Patrick
Artist : Rem Broo
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Cover: Rem Broo
Editor: Mike Marts
Publisher: AfterShock Comics

The best thing about indie comics is that we get original ideas. Some are better than others, but it isn’t the cookie cutter stuff we seem to get a lot of from the big two. A prime example of this is “Kaiju Score”.

“Kaiju Score” #1 gave us an interesting concept: planning a heist around when a kaiju makes landfall.  To my knowledge, a story of this nature has never been done. This is what indie comics are all about!

In the second installment our team of antiheroes is in place and waiting for Mujara to make landfall. With the stakes being so high there’s a lot of tension building.

Was Marco wrong and Mujara isn’t going to make landfall? Will Palmiero’s streak of bad luck finally come to an end? Will “Gina” be able to do her part to work things out in her situation? Will Pierson, Blackie’s appointment babysitter for this job, forgive Marco for causing him to cancel his vacation to be on this job? Things that can weigh heavily when you’re stuck in a 20 x 30 storage unit for a couple weeks.

After several false alarms Mujara finally comes ashore and the team springs into action. Phase one of the job goes off without a hitch. Marco has thought everything through for this job. Every possible contingency has a planned response. Nothing can stop them from the promised land of riches. Or is there another factor that may have slipped Marco’s mind?


.75 Stars

I liked how the coloring was done. When a reference about hair was made I flipped back and saw how the shades used could be shadows or something else depending on the reader’s perspective.

The four wheelers were nicely done but Mujara sunbathing was my favorite panel.


1 Star 

“Kaiju Score” continues to have an elaborate plot with twists and turns along the way. It was nice to get some more background information about “Gina”. The way that the issue wraps up leaves a very intriguing path for the third book.


1 Star

Marco still does some narrating; but most of the information is still being given to us in the dialogue. I liked Marco’s discussion with “Gina” a lot. It explains her purpose for being on this job.


1 Star 

The way Mr. Sharpe used different colors and fonts for the text went a long way towards emphasizing the tensions in the storage unit. Well done!

Throughout the book there were no discernible grammar or spelling errors. Nothing distracts the reader from the story.


1 Star 

“Kaiju Score” #2 reads at a fast pace. The transition between scenes is smooth. I fell into the book on the first page and was surprised/disappointed that it was over that quickly.

This story continues to leave the reader wanting more through two issues. I’m excited to see if Mr. Patrick and company can continue at this pace. If they can pull it off we should be getting an incredible movie out of this!

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