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REVIEW: JACK the Radio #2


REVIEW: JACK the Radio #2

Creative Team:

Writer: George Hage
Artists: Yo Kuri, Nicholas Gazin, Max Huffman, Laurie Conley, Carlos Dearmas, Danielle Otrakji, Greg and Fake
7 Page Story By: Geroge Hage and Chris Williams
Cover: Dave Taylor
Editors: George Hage and Danny Johnson

About the Book:

Jack the Radio #2 is a short story that tells the tale of a skeleton, Jack, who sings and plays guitar as he tries to find his way through life while learning about human nature.

Reader’s Notes:

Jack the Radio #2 is a throwback to some of the classic entertainment magazines we had in the 70’s and 80’s. I’m referring to none other than Playboy, Rolling Stone, and Heavy Metal. The difference being, with this title there’s no gratuitous nudity or inappropriate advertisements… Ergo, you can leave this one on your coffee table without getting a raised eyebrow if an unexpected guest sees it. In this issue we get a terrific interview with Denis Kitchen. We get an interesting glimpse at human nature. We even get puzzles and games.

What I love most about Jack the Radio #2 is how we get to fall into the story with the musical score that accompanies the story. I first encountered this with I Hate Fairyland #5. Jack the Radio (the band this title is named after) had a musical piece that played in time with the story. When the tempo of the music matches the pace you are reading the story, it’s the most fun you can have without Transformers and still be able to pass a drug test and breathalyzer.

Jack the Radio #2 has caught lightning in a bottle. With this book all of its contemporaries have been put on notice. It is a trendsetter that has started a fire. As a geek on a budget, I want to see that fire spread as this title reaches for greatness.

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