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REVIEW: Immortal Orphans #3


REVIEW: Immortal Orphans #3

Book Title: Immortal Orphans #3

Book Description: At the conclusion of “Immortal Orphans” #2, we saw Gannion and Arti go through Porta Luminis. They have the daunting task of figuring out how to disrupt the timeline in the past in order to save humanity in the future. We were also given quite a shock as we discovered that Liberty is actually Gannion’s mother. The third installment begins with the arrival of Gannion and Arti in 2220. After the portal closes Arti reveals to Gannion the truth about his mother and the fact that this was a one way trip. They will never get back to the Delta Hive as it was when they left. This information has Gannion experiencing a range of emotions. We’ll check back in with him later. Right now we’ll turn our attention to Quinn and Science Boy. They are in Quinn’s home. Science Boy still wants Julian Durand dead. Quinn explains to Science Boy how difficult it will be to accomplish this goal. This is a plot to assassinate a world leader, not robbing a lemonade stand. Science Boy yields for the time being as long as Quinn agrees to help him track down his science bag. While in Quinn’s flying car they see a flash of light that compels them to investigate. When Quinn and Science Boy get to where the light was they find Gannion and Arti fighting. Out of all the possible emotions he could feel, Gannon has chosen to go with pissed off. He’s ready for a fight with anything. Things are already somewhat testy and chaotic in the meeting of our four characters. When Liberty and Hernia Man come on the scene it becomes a free for all. Will cooler heads prevail before things get too far out of hand?

Book Author: Carter Mann

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Carter Mann Comics

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Carter Mann

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


The first three issues of “Immortal Orphans” have been like a drag race. The first book gets us off the line and gives us a feel for the track. The second issue is where we really accelerated. The story picked up speed as we got into the thick of things on both timelines.
The third issue is where the RPMs drop a little bit as we pop the clutch and get ready for the next gear. We get a lot more information and see a lot of feelings come to the surface. With all of the conflict we’re seeing the fourth issue is going to take off like a shot when we start turning those pages.
I liked the detail on the cover and how it’s relevant to the interior pages. I don’t like the cover itself because I had a “Murder Cat”. I’m convinced that this cat held a grudge against me for existing. On multiple occasions it flew in out of nowhere, tripped me, and made me fall down a flight of stairs. It’s a personal bias; but this Murder Cat struck a nerve with me.
With each passing issue the artwork on the interior pages continues to get more refined. I really liked the detail on Science Boy when we were at Quinn’s house. It captured the old soul in a young body quite nicely.
With each Immortal Orphans is continuing to climb up the priority list in my reading queue. It has action, drama, some laughs, and a price that’s hard for a geek on a budget to pass up.
You can get digital copies for as low as $1.99 at:
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