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REVIEW: Immortal Era


REVIEW: Immortal Era


Written by Edward Davis

Art by Cezar Oliveira 

Colors by Viviana Spinelli 

Letters by Manny Hernandez

Immortal Era tells the story of a dystopian future where humans can no longer die. A mysterious event in the year 2000 rendered all of humanity immortal. Two hundred years later, a family in the underground is seeking clues to unlock answers that have eluded humanity for centuries and find a way to restore the natural order of life to the world.



Issues 1&2 of Immortal Era present a unique combination of a post-apocalyptic future, zombie apocalypse, supernatural magic, a fair dash of sci-fi. Davis’ story is unique and differentiates itself in a crowded field of post-apocalyptic stories. Issue 1 begins 200 years after the last death of a human, and society is divided into the elite who dwell above the surface and the rest who must scrape and scrounge for survival below the surface. In the midst of trying to survive, one group of underground humans attempts to unravel the mystery of why humans stopped dying and started living forever. In issue 2, we begin to get those answers. Some of the characters feel a bit… cliche. You have the pretty girl, the underdog warrior, the father figure, etc. This doesn’t take away from the story, in my opinion, and I think there could still be some fun character development coming



Oliveira’s art is solid and fits the story; however, like the character backstories, the character designs also feel cliche. The color choices between the above-ground and underground worlds are perfect, and there’s never any confusion on where you’re at. Furthermore, depicting the various groups of humans is on point and clearly illustrates the differences between them.


.75- Stars

Davis’s scripting of the dialogue is solid. While there is still so much we don’t know about each character, the conversations and brief exchanges begin to paint a picture of who each character is and fit in this complicated world.



The book is well-edited, and I found zero issues.



The book is constructed well, and the story is laid out nicely. I will say, for me, the storytelling in issue 2 wasn’t as intriguing as issue 1, but Davis did have a lot of stories to convey from the past, and I don’t think this format will be repeated much in future issues. It wasn’t bad, just different, and I do wish a few of the details of issue 2 had remained a mystery for future issues.

Immortal Era is an excellent 4-star book! As a fan of sci-fi and zombie films, I’m looking forward to seeing where this story progresses. The magical elements introduced help keep the story even more enjoyable!

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