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3.60/5.0 Stars 
Rating if the Book Were a Movie: R

Creative Team:

Writer: Kyle Starks
Artist: Artyom Topilin
Colors: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Cover: Artyom Topilin
Editor: Alex Antone
Publisher: Image Comics 


Story: 3.8 Stars
Artwork: 3.4 Stars
Cover Artwork: 3.4 Stars
Dialogue: 3.7 Stars
Mechanics: 3.8 Stars
Editing: 3.5 Stars 

About the Book:

After surviving an encounter with a homicidal bank robber Gabby and Trudy are adjusting to life on the farm. They have more than enough work to keep them busy. In fact, they desperately need to hire more help. They have the rules down pat. Nothing can hurt them here… Until Trudy’s father makes a surprise visit.

Reader’s Notes:

I was a big fan of the first story arc of I Hate This Place. The story had a good ending. I didn’t know that we were getting a second story arc until I saw this book on the shelves at a comic book store I happened across on vacation over the weekend.

I liked how we got to see more of Trudy’s backstory. She’s always been a fascinating character. Seeing how tumultuous her relationship with her father was makes her even more enthralling. It’s easy to see why she was so eager to leave home.

Joseph is a great example of what to not be as a father. His treatment of Trudy for being gay is deplorable. Then he takes it a step further by arranging a marriage with a man for her. There’s a special place in hell for people like Joseph.

Throughout this series I have always liked how Artyom Topilin has made the cover of every issue relevant to the story. The tradition continues with issue number six. I liked how we got a teaser of some of the characters we were about to meet.

I have to say I’m not wild about the F bomb in the title variant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to profanity. I am opposed to having it out there for kids to see. The owner of my local comic book store will not put any cover with nudity or profanity on the shelves. They don’t want to deal with the fallout from having an irate payof a child that saw something that wasn’t age appropriate.

This can be avoided by putting the book in an opaque bag labeled with the title, issue number, and an NSFW warning. Image did it for Sex Criminals. The bags are relatively cheap and could help increase sales.

To say I Hate This Place picked up right where it left off would be an understatement. It’s even better than the first wave. This geek on a budget highly recommends looking into this series. You won’t be disappointed!

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