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REVIEW: Disney Villains: Scar #1


REVIEW: Disney Villains: Scar #1

3.87/5.0 Stars
Rating if the Book Were a Movie: PG

Creative Team:

Writer: Chuck Brown
Artist: Trevor Fraley
Colors: Chiara Di Francia
Letters: Jeff Eckleberry
Cover: Jahnoy Lindsay
Editor: Nate Cosby
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment 


Story: 3.8 Stars
Artwork: 3.4 Stars
Cover Artwork: 4.3 Stars
Dialogue: 3.9 Stars
Mechanics: 3.8 Stars
Editing: 4.0 Stars 

About the Book:

Disney Villains: Scar #1 gives us a story that parallels The Lion King. The focal point of the story is the title character, Scar. We see how the frustration about moving down in the ranks of heirs to the throne causes Scar to do something irrational that almost gets him killed. In the fallout from that we meet some individuals that will put him on a dangerous path.

Reader’s Notes:

Scar never seems to get as much love as the other Disney villains. I don’t know if that’s because he’s an animal while many of the other villains are human (or more closely resemble humans), Maybe it has something to do with how ruthless and effective the basis for his plot to ascend to the throne was. Whatever the reason, Scar is vastly overlooked. I’m thrilled to see we are getting a story that gives him more depth.

Before I read Disney Villains: Scar #1 it had never occurred to me that Scar was close to many individuals in the royal court. Seeing Rafiki console him as a friend and confidant was something of a surprise. I liked it. I also liked seeing the teaser that shows us that Scar was pointed in the direction of killing Mufasa and Simba. As cunning and manipulative as Scar is, he came across someone that was even better at it.

The real magic of Disney Villains: Scar #1 is how well it fits with everything that we know took place in The Lion King. We get glimpses of the movie, then we shift back to what is happening with Scar off screen. We get to see how pride, envy, and wrath are his fatal flaws. In his mind, Scar should be king. He’s not strong enough to defeat Mufasa in a fair fight. He knows it. Rather than accepting his fate his adventure to take out his rage on an innocent bystander nearly kills him… and begins his downward spiral.

Scar snarling with a plain white background is a brilliant cover. It’s simple. It doesn’t allow for any distractions. Best of all, it shows how frightening our antihero can be. This cover portrays a character that is dangerous, and willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top.

I enjoyed the artwork on the interior pages. By getting away from an animation style and going with more definition Fraley gives Scar a much more sinister appearance. He no longer comes off appearing as a cuddly bad guy that has a mean streak. I like this upgrade. I was very fond of the depictions of Krass and Kabeer.

As a geek on a budget I am all in on Disney Villains: Scar #1. This series has plenty of drama and intensity, which takes some doing to accomplish in a story that we already know the ending to. This title is already on the shelves in your local comic book stores. Be prepared! It will make you appreciate what a fascinating villain Scar truly is.

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