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REVIEW: Department of Truth #4


REVIEW: Department of Truth #4

Rating if the Book Were a Movie: R

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Martin Simmonds
Letters: Aditya Bidikar
Editor: Steve Foxe
Publisher: Image Comics

It’s time for another another fun filled round of conspiracy theories with “Dept. of Truth” #4. The focus in this issue is a pair of reporters that have pieced together the “proof” that President Obama was groomed for president from birth.

We see how going back to JFK’s assassination the deck was stacked to make Obama win in a landslide election 55 years later. Everything from Obama’s birth certificate to evidence showing Hillary Clinton would have the backing of the DNC if she stepped aside from 2008-16.

The notion sounds preposterous. It doesn’t mean there aren’t enough pieces of the puzzle to give the average person a complete picture. The Dept. of Truth sends Cole to deal with the problem and prove he belongs. Is Cole up to the task?


.75 Stars

A lot of the artwork in this issue is done like a camera that takes pictures out of focus. It’s not detailed; but it works perfectly for the theme of this title.


.75 Stars

The rally around the conspiracy theories regarding President Obama’s citizenship has never been something I’ve been too interested in. The story made this nonbeliever question the line of thought behind what I considered to be true.


.75 Stars

The dialogue is the bread and butter of explaining this particular conspiracy theory. We get a lot of information from it. We also learn more about Cole from it, which is helpful.


.75 Stars

The lettering itself is terrific. The way that the balloons are done can be distracting to the reader though.


.75 Stars

The story is good but for some reason I found it difficult to fall into this one. That happens sometimes.

All said I think “Dept. of Truth” #4 is a solid but not great book. The series continues to be intriguing and has me wondering what we’re in store for next time.

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