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Review: Cold Monster Steel


Review: Cold Monster Steel

Pat Lyons’ (plu_toons) debut Manga, Cold Monster Steel is a hilarious adventure into the dangers of… ummm… well, a lot of things! Lyons describes his submission to the 100th annual Tezuka Manga Awards as follows, “Lucky Loo wants to prove he can be a winner, but when he finally gets his chance to play a game of baseball, he unleashes a power that nobody expected. He must set out on a journey to find the ball and finish the game!”

I’m honestly not sure what to say about this book other than you have to read it, especially since you can download a digital version for free (link below). Lyons’ art is masterful! The details he includes in each panel should make most other indie creators jealous. Having watched his progress via his Instagram page, I can tell you that each illustration was a labor of love. Lyons poorer himself into this work and it shows.

The story is a laugh a minute. It’s the perfect example of how bullying, revenge, monsters, a mythical sword, aliens, and baseball can destroy an otherwise pleasant world. (Just read it, you’ll understand).

Cold Monster Steel is Lyon’s submission to the 100th Tezuka Manga Awards. The contest is a manga award for new artists established through “Shonen Jump” by Shueisha with the aim of finding new talents. The Prize is named after Osamu Tezuka who was a pioneer in manga history. Many professional manga artists have been discovered through this contest. 

I have rarely sat and been so entertained by the entirety of a one-shot graphic novel. Cold Monster Steel delivers on beautiful art, a unique and hilarious story, nicely paced arch, superb editing, and a conclusion that ties everything up. 

For a first effort, Lyons delivers an expert Manga. I’m sure we’ll be seeing big things from plu_toons as the years progress.

Read Cold Monster Steel now –

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