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REVIEW: Basilisk #3


REVIEW: Basilisk #3

Book Title: Basilisk #3

Book Description: In Basilisk #3 we get to venture further into Hannah’s psyche. We learn that she wasn’t there when Chimera killed her daughter and husband. Hannah couldn’t be at the funeral because she was in the hospital and under sedation to get her to stop screaming. She never got to say goodbye to her family. No eulogies, no prayers, no celebration of life. The only celebration of life Hannah has to look forward to is celebrating the end of life for everyone in Chimera.

Chimera is still working their way towards getting back to Regan. They’re taking the scenic route though. After the episode in the diner they’re trying to maintain something of a low profile.

That comes to a halt at a gas station in Tennessee. Hannah tipped off people in the area about what happened in the diner and that Chimera was coming through.

When Chimera is identified and the police get involved things get interesting. To their credit, Chimera doesn’t start the fight. They certainly know how to end it. They leave one survivor to tell the tale whilst they continue their pursuit of Regan.

Book Author: Cullen Bunn

Publisher - Orgnization: BOOM! Studios

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Jonas Scharf

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


With Basilisk #3 Cullen Bunn continues to give us a solid story. The further along we get, the more character development we see. We already knew that Chimera had killed someone close to Hannah. Getting a clearer explanation on exactly what they took from her was eye opening.

We also get a better idea of what most of Chimera is. They’re the sixth grade bully on the playground that’s messing with kindergarten kids. Chimera doesn’t start fights; but they certainly goad others into it.

I question their logic in leaving a wake of destruction in their path. Wouldn’t they be better suited to track down Regan with the element of surprise on their side? Or is Chimera so confident in themselves that they want Hannah and Regan to know how far away they are?

The artwork on the covers for Basilisk continues to be tremendous. It’s vivid. It’s bold. It makes anyone looking at it wonder what this story is about. Keep up the great work!

I liked the interior artwork. Once again we see how powerful Chimera is. The way that they make utterly destroying anyone in their path look so easy has me wondering if Hannah really stands a chance in the battle that we all know is coming.

While it hasn’t quite climbed to the rank of top priority in my reading stack Basilisk is making a steady March in that direction. I’m already looking forward to seeing what the fourth installment will bring us!

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