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Unlikely Heroes Studios Finds a Needle in a Haystack with Finding Dee


Unlikely Heroes Studios Finds a Needle in a Haystack with Finding Dee

Making it as a cartoonist has a thousand obstacles to overcome! You need to find your style and creative voice, you need to pay your dues in the industry, and you need to come up with an idea that people actually want to read. And if you’re Dee Fish, you have to do all of that while starting over as a transgender woman in your 40s.

“Finding Dee has been in the works since 2017, and I’ve been following Dee for just about that long,” says UHS editor Laurie Foster. “It took me a while to work up the nerve to ask her if she wanted to collaborate with us to release this incredible semi-autobiographical comic. It’s chock full of nerdy references, heartfelt anecdotes, hilarious mishaps; everything you could want from a slice of life comic. And even more importantly, I believe the series is a keystone for transgender people of all walks of life who may be trying to find themselves just as Dee did.”

Finding Dee is being collected for the first time in FULL COLOR! Join Unlikely Heroes Studios on a brand new voyage of discovery as Dee’s comic journey is brought to life as never before on Kickstarter, with rich colors by artist Katy Rewston.

“Basically since the start of our working relationship, I have felt at home with UHS. Working with Laurie, Katy, and Sarah has been a BLAST, and seeing my strips revitalized in color format is exciting,” says Dee, “I have also been putting details of my personal life out in public for years hoping that they would help even just one person struggling with their identity, so getting them in front of a much larger audience now is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying.”  

Journey back to the beginning as Dee discovers the joys of trying to be herself, live her life, and find a safe place to go pee. Sometimes, finding yourself can be a transition.

Running until February 14th, the Finding Dee Kickstarter features a chance for early backers to win a free reward tier upgrade, and both softcover and hardcover formats for the ~100 page volume, as well as AMAZING LGBTQ+ pride pins, a t-shirt, and even a LIFESIZE stan-Dee for the diehard fans. 

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