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The Supernatural Cannot Be Contained in Spectress & Sabanion – Issue #3


The Supernatural Cannot Be Contained in Spectress & Sabanion – Issue #3

An ancient Egyptian ghost and a burning demon, bound by fate, push their way back into the modern world of the living.

In the 3rd issue of Kurt Zauer’s series, Spectress & Sabanion, the escape from Containment Facility-4 is complete and buried secrets are loosed upon the world. Aneksi, the unrelenting ghost of Cleopatra’s top assassin, frees the demon Sabanion from this prison for supernatural threats. Her desire to rejoin the living world has dire circumstances. What else has been released from the sub-vaults of CONFAC-4? What other supernatural terrors await?

Kurt Zauer bio:

Kurt Zauer is a comic book fan, writer, and IT guy that lives and works just outside Chicago. He received his BA in English Literature from U of WI: Madison but is still a student of murk, mayhem, and the macabre. Role-playing gamer since his D&D Basic book was snatched by his 5th grade teacher. Lackey to Fritz and Zoe, a pair of dachshunds. History buff and Army National Guard veteran.

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