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American comic book writer, Ryan Bis, will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for the newest installment, issues 3 and 4, of his hit series Ruination on September 14th.

Ruination is a fantasy adventure comic book series that follows a group of young soldiers as they forge their own path in a world hellbent on destroying itself…again. 

The nation of Saldyria was nearly destroyed during its centuries-long war with the mysterious rebels called the Fallen. After a truce was declared, the Saldyrians began rebuilding and gave birth to the first post-war children. All was peaceful until a group of Fallen viciously attacked a Saldyrian village in search of a powerful crystal. Now, two Saldyrian soldiers, Dante and Jalen, are fighting to save their loved ones with surprising aid from a Fallen, Keila, who is looking to end the violence. Pursued by Fallen soldiers, the group escaped through a strange portal in the woods. While they have bought themselves some time, the world on the other side of the portal may not be safer than their own. Join the adventure as our heroes navigate a world destroyed by prior generations and fight to save what is left of it!

Working with Bis on Ruination is interior artist Giulia Lalli (Puck), colorist Kaytee Brown (Curiosities from Another World), letterer Matías Zanetti (The Last Tide, The Hunchback of Theological Quadrant 19) cover artist Rio Burton (Dead Beats: A Musical Horror Anthology), and editor Nicole D’Andria (Road Trip to Hell).

“We have been thrilled with the response to Ruination and are excited to bring readers two more installments! These issues continue the adventure of Keila, Jalen, and Dante as they travel to strange post-apocalyptic worlds, encountering all sorts of monsters and magic. You’re going to learn more about the mysterious Fallen and the crystals they seek as our heroes reflect on where they stand in this conflict. We’ll also visit an entirely new world once inhabited by a race of faerie-like creatures. The designs are absolutely beautiful and we can’t wait for everyone to see this world!”

The Kickstarter campaign will be asking for $1,000 USD to send Ruination issues 3 and 4 to print.

For more information about Ruination and Ryan’s other works visit the Facebook and Twitter pages for Curious Perspective Comics.

ABOUT RYAN BISRyan Bis is the writer and creator of Ruination. Ryan previously self-published a sci-fi/fantasy short story anthology, Curiosities from Another World, which is set in the same universe as Ruination.

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