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The Indie Revolution


The Indie Revolution

Creating a new group that ultimately collapsed teaches a valuable lesson. Ultimately, it is not all about group identity, but about realizing one’s purpose.

There have been several indie creators that came together to form groups as a sort of collaboration with their comics, such as The Indie Alliance, The Union, and The Savage Sandbox, to name a few. Now, this idea is close to what I came up with back in 2018. I, along with some other creators I started networking with, came up with something called The Indie Revolution. This was for not only comic creators, but also indie music, film, and artists. There was a hashtag created by me which I still use to this day called #indierevolution. This hashtag was just the beginning and then this started dying off after we tried to create a magazine together and make a monthly magazine, but with everyone trying to focus on their comics and other creative ventures it just did not continue.

After that failed magazine I had a few creators from our platform creator group chat voice their confusion to us about promoting everything from music to film to comics. So, I made a separate Instagram and Facebook page for The Indie Revolution and that is what we use to promote indie musicians and indie film. Right now it is mostly being used to network with musicians and filmmakers to add them to our upcoming video game.

It is a very slow process, but working as an indie creator, in general, can be a slow process. Anyways, the entire indie revolution became a washed-out idea. That’s it, just an idea that didn’t have the right people behind it to help it get the right footing. It not only was going to have a full-blown magazine to promote all sorts of indie creators, a specialized hashtag (which that doesn’t matter much, but still), but it had a very awesome ideal behind it which was to make other indie creators learn it is okay to promote yourself without thinking you are spamming the entire internet of your content.

That was one of the many catalysts on why I wanted to create. I was shocked when I entered the indie community and saw creators doing the bare minimum on promoting their work. You know, if you ever want something promoted come to me and I’ll share it all over! The world can always use more art whether that is stories, comics, poems, drawings, paintings, oh, even podcasts! Don’t be afraid to promote yourself and help bring a revolution within the indie community. To wrap this up, I wish the group success. Just make sure the creators in your indie comic groups are invested in the vision of the group enough so nobody wastes their time. I know from experience especially in 2020 I had my hands in too many different projects at once and it was a very overwhelming experience and I wouldn’t wish that feeling on even my worst enemy. Now get out there and keep creating!

Greg Moquin, is a comic book writer and owner of SeerNova Comics LLC

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I’m Greg Moquin. CVO and one-half of SeerNova Comics LLC. I love writing and creating compelling stories. Worldbuilding is my jam!

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