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The crowdfunding campaign for “Out of the box” Launches on Kickstarter


The crowdfunding campaign for “Out of the box” Launches on Kickstarter

“Out of the box” will be a comic book magazine with five completely different stories, linked together by the themes and a sort of shared narrative universe.

There are nine authors involved. The artists are: Zeno Colangelo, Giulia D’Urso, Eleonora Dea Nanni, Elisa Di Virgilio e Marta Zaccarini.

The cover is by Sara Marino.

The writers are Brian Freschi, Giacomo Masi, Matteo Parisi and Francis Green, who is also the coordinator of the project and of the Kickstarter campaign).

The writing is the element to which the team has paid the most attention: solid stories and characters, interesting and transversal themes, simple and exciting plots, distributed in ten issues with a variable cadence, depending on how the project is to be received.

An ambitious and “risky” project that, thanks to the versatility of the crowdfunding platform and its audience, will find its way around the world.

The magazine will be a paperback of about 100 color pages and there will be one print run entirely in Italian and one entirely in English.

Additional language editions in both digital and physical formats are also planned, in the event that enough requests for the relevant language arrive; 25 and 100 backers respectively.

However, the extras and surprises do not end here! Depending on the amount of money raised, it is possible for the book to be improved and expanded, but above all to make some very interesting collaborations possible.

During the course of the campaign, it will also be possible to enable the participation of comic artists like Safely Endangered, K5FUWA, and Daw, Ekra and Massimiliano Favazza, who will add their signature to one page each, acting as a “comic interlude” between the five main stories in the magazine.

Rewards will include a digital copy, a physical copy, an offer reserved for stores and distributors, and two special rewards in which it will be possible to be portrayed in the stories as secondary characters (speaking or non-speaking).

Among the extras, therefore: bookmarks, postcards, posters and private commissions (3 for each of the 5 artists of the main stories).

Given the serial nature of the work, any excess funding will flow directly into the production of subsequent issues.

Kickstarter campaign lanched on April 13 2021:

Out of the Box:

Space Otter Publishing:

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