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The Collected Meanwhile… comes to Crowdfunding


The Collected Meanwhile… comes to Crowdfunding

The 220-page full-color collection will bring together the first four issues of the best anthology you’ve never heard of.

Originally launched in 1998 as a black and white anthology, Meanwhile… was relaunched in 2015 with the aim of showcasing the diversity possible in comics storytelling.

The first four issues of Meanwhile… were 52 pages long, and featured the relaunch of Strangehaven by Gary Spencer Millidge, and a brand-new series, The Bad Bad Place by David Hine and Mark Stafford, which has since been released as a graphic novel.

Every issue of Meanwhile… has been a mixture of ongoing episodes (StrangehavenThe Bad Bad Place ) and self-contained stories, and featured creators from across the globe; Issues 1 to 4 included work by Yuko Rabbit, Chris Geary, Sally Jane Thompson, Krent Able, Jenny Robins, ILYA, Rainbow Buddy, Thierry Labrosse and Darryl Cunningham.

With Soaring Penguin Press embracing crowdfunding as a way of increasing creator pay-outs, The Collected Meanwhile… was an obvious choice. One of the most enduring and popular comics published by Soaring Penguin, the hope is that this re-release will bring it to a wider audience. Said Soaring Penguin Press Co-publisher, John Anderson:

Putting these terrific stories in a single book edition means they will be available to an audience who might not otherwise see them. And they deserve to be read.

Added Co-publisher Tim Pilcher:

Books by design have a longer shelf life. We hope that by having this collected edition available, readers will return to pick up subsequent editions of Meanwhile…

The Collected Meanwhile… (as it is tentatively entitled) will have a new cover by Sally Jane Thompson. The Indiegogo campaign will offer original bookplates by Gary Spencer Millidge and Krent Able among the Perks.

Praise for Meanwhile:

“With its enticing smorgasbord of styles and approaches to the comics form, Meanwhile… is a veritable feast of diverse creative visions. Soaring Penguin have embraced one of the great traditions of the medium – the anthology comic – and given it a relevant, contemporary, and invigorating voice.”

– Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

“Meanwhile… is going to be hard to find… but you are going to have to make this your mission. It will be worth it.”

– Rich Johnston, Bleeding Cool

The Collected Meanwhile will be on IndieGoGo for May, launching on 12th May 2021 to 5th June 2021.

IndieGoGo Link:

Twitter: @spenguin
Instagram: @soaringpenguinpress

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