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Shonuff Studios Announces Little Deaths


Shonuff Studios Announces Little Deaths

A 30 Page Historical Fantasy Color Comic Written by David Doub and Art by Andrew Herman and Paul Maitland.

The main source of inspiration for the Little Deaths of Julie is the French historical figure Julie d’Aubigny (1670–1707), also called Mademoiselle Maupin and La Maupi.

She has recently become known because of the various meme about her exploits.  One such story is how the parents of one of Julie’s lesbian lovers sent their daughter to a convent to escape Julie and her influence.  In turn, Julie also joined the convent as a postulant (a candidate of the convent) to take her lover away.  To cover up their escape, Julie dug up the corpse of a dead nun, placed it in her girlfriend’s bed, and set fire to the room.

Julie d’Aubigny has a rich history from being a quite successful duelist to being a popular opera singer.  With such a bigger-than-life person like Julie d’Aubigny, it was hard not to make more stories about her. Théophile Gautier wrote in 1835 a whole novel based on Julie d’Aubigny called Mademoiselle de Maupin. In 2014, historical novelist Kelly Gardiner wrote Goddess, also based on Julie d’Aubigny.

The creative team has taken the character and added a more fantasy element with magic, monsters, and other strange happenings. Most Importantly, this project is meant to help out artists Andrew Herman and Paul Maitland.  Due to the Pandemic, most Comic Cons have been either canceled or delayed indefinitely.  Comic Cons are the main source of income for the pair and without them, things are tight.  

Look for Little Deaths soon on Kickstarter

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