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Scout comics’ TITLE BOX TUESDAY Is Here! This Week’s Title Is… GUTT GHOST!


Scout comics’ TITLE BOX TUESDAY Is Here! This Week’s Title Is… GUTT GHOST!

Scout Comics & Entertainment Holdings, Inc. is proud to announce a new weekly imitative called TITLE BOX TUESDAYS! Every Tuesday for the foreseeable future, Scout will release a limited edition box set of one of the many amazing titles in their catalog. 

This Tuesday’s title box is…GUTT GHOST


Welcome to the world of Gutt Ghost, a seemingly mundane existence inhabited by the odd and absurd. Guttenberg Ghest, AKA Gutt Ghost, is an everyday individual traversing the same highs and lows that we all experience in life. From doomsday cults and forgetting to bring your coupons to the grocery store to discovering you can asexually reproduce and coming to terms with the fact that you don’t identify as a ghost, it’s just another lackluster day in the life of Gutt Ghost. Collects all the Gutt Ghost stories released by Scout Comics thus far. Also included in this edition…bonus materials and a new Gutt Ghost comic introduction!


Each deluxe title box will contain a complete set of comics! There’s a mystery element in each box offering that includes rare variants and out-of-print covers. Some of the boxes may also contain extremely rare HOLOFOIL editions that can only be found within! 

Along with the set of single issues, you will also get a digital download/collectible card of each series in Scout’s new COMIC TAG format! These limited edition collectibles look just like a mini comic book with a collectible card attached!


GUTT GHOST Issues #1- #4 and the Comic Tag containing the entire digital graphic novel. LIMITED TO 150 BOXES!

$29.99 EACH

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